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USATF Level 2 Certified Coach   NPVCA USATF Certified Official

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This is the homepage of Coach Scott Murphy, a decades-long participant in sport and athletics. Training intelligently since 1973, and a Track & Field Coach at Fauquier High School from 1998 through 2005.

After having built new programs at the brand-new Alcovy High School (AHS Cross Country's, back-to-back State appearances for both teams, and the AHS Track & Field 2010 Boys' Region Championship), 2010 found me working on improving knowledge transfer.

Beginning in 2013, the building of another new program in Athens - along with the development of Athletics Prime Track Club.

Whether you are a new athlete or experienced veteran, we share a passion for sport and the elements that comprise it.

Track & field/Cross Country, swimming & diving, football, baseball, basketball... The list of sports seems endless. If you want to improve, I'm here to help.

Something brought you here. Follow it.
No matter what, pursue that drive.
                                                                                       -coach scott

Take a look at my Track & Field coaching history.
Take a look at my coaching philosophy.

Files from Coach Scott's presentations at the Glazier Track & Field Clinic in Atlanta

Glazier Track and Field Clinics

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