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Rule #1: Have Fun.
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  1. Rule number one, Have Fun.
    While athletes are individuals, I believe that all who participate in a sport by choice do so in an effort to derive pleasure from their investment of time and energy. As a result, the continued enjoyment of the sport should be a top priority.
  2. Reward success.
    All successes should be rewarded in some manner. Attaining goals, whether in practice or in competition, should always be recognized.
  3. Be consistent.
    The expectations placed on the athlete and the behaviors of the coach should be consistent over time. Changes should be introduced with explanations of both the new process and the new goals.
  4. Set good goals.
    As part of the process of improving, it is imperative that both the athlete and coach know what the short-term and long-term goals are throughout the training and competitive cycle. For continued success, goals should be realistic and attainable, while forcing the athlete to reach beyond their current level of performance.
  5. Use feedback.
    Gathering data, whether measurements of performance data or feedback from the athlete, is only valuable if it is used.
  6. Be open-minded.
    As training continues to improve over time, is is important to be willing to consider new ideas or new applications of proven ideas. Seek out new concepts, be willing to try them, and be willing to discard anything (even if itís yours) that is not producing results.
  7. Train intelligence.
    It benefits both the athlete and coach to train in a manner that produces intelligent athletes. Training to dependency limits the relationship by creating a false certainty in the current body of knowledge, and inhibits the ability of both parties to fully implement the first six goals.

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